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World Domination Summit 2013 Inspiration Part 3

Gretchen-Rubin speaks about The Secret of Happiness & Self-Knowledge. Photo by Armosa Studios.

WDS Part 3 – Sunday Morning

Many wonderful posts have already been written about World Domination Summit presentations made on Sunday. I’m slow at capturing my impressions in writing, so I’m just going to hit the highlights that I enjoyed the most.

Gretchen Rubin
The Secret of Happiness and Expectations

Gretchen is the author of a book and blog called The Happiness Project and has a new book titled Happier At Home. She told us that there is not one secret to happiness for everyone but self-knowledge is the key. Gretchen explained that by acknowledging the truth about what you are, as well as accepting what you will never be, you can free yourself to discover what makes you happy. There may be some sadness in letting go and discovering your limitations.

Her wisdom about change: You may be experiencing negative emotions that are a warning that something needs to change. If you are feeling envious of someone that has something you want, use it as a clue that some action needs to be taken to move you forward. She recommends that you pay special attention to anything you try to hide or lie about because it indicates a disconnect between what your values are and what you are doing.

One exercise she described was to think back to the activities you enjoyed doing when you were ten years old. Often those are similar to what activities would make you happier today. She also recommended using a blank book to write your favorite quotes on the left and paste corresponding pictures you like on the right. See what develops. I liked the idea of visually trying to capture things that make me happy.

Lastly, Gretchen described four personality types: Upholders, Questioners, Rebels and Obligers. By being self-aware of our own tendencies and understanding how types differ, we can recognize the expectations we set for ourselves and our bring that knowledge to our interactions.

My takeaway: “When you let go of the fantasy of what you aren’t doing, you have more time for the things you love.”

Andrew Warner and his True Mind. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Andrew Warner
True Mind

Andrew spoke about an issue that many struggle with – having an inner voice or critic he calls a “counter mind.” This inner voice questions you and may guide you into making different choices based on fear.

He suggested that you pick on issue that triggers your negative chatter and pay attention to it through meditation until it loses it’s power. He calls this finding your “true mind.” True mind thoughts are true, wanted, and helpful. Once you recognize your true mind, meditate on it to strengthen it. He demonstrated a guided meditation on stage with his wife.

My takeaway: Diffuse your inner critic, your counter mind, by asking “is it true?” and “is it helpful?” Then meditate on your “true mind” to strengthen it.

Tess Vigeland interacts with WDS Audience. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Tess Vigeland
Leap of Faith

Tess spoke about her choice to walk away from her hosting job on Marketplace Money, a job she had held since 2001 on American Public Media. Many, including her, would describe that position as the ultimate career achievement. Although people surrounding her seemed so sure it would all work out, she described her journey to redefine what is remarkable for her next stage in life as “terrifying, awful and heartbreaking.”

The talk was brave and very inspiring. You can read her words from WDS here.

My takeaway: “What the Hell are you doing?” You have to grieve what you leave. Even if you make a positive change you may miss the things you left behind.

You can find more about these inspiring speakers here:
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On a Personal Note –
Some people have posted that after two or three years of experiencing WDS conference stories they know their passion. They feel ready to take action to change their lives and maybe won’t feel a desire to come to the next WDS in July 2014. For me, I know that talks like the one given by Tess reflect many of the same questions and fears I have. I am still trying to figure out what my remarkable life will include and am looking forward to the next WDS conference. There is an environment of acceptance there for those still finding their way.

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Stay tuned for Part 4.

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