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My Long Journey to Blogging Part 1

Do you ever just want to give yourself a shake and say in a scolding voice “what is taking you so long?”

That’s what I’ve felt like while creating this website. I’ve never been a blogger. A rational person wanting to write would probably pick a nice easy template and just get started. There is certainly enough information available on how to do it. Not me. I have to do it slowly, with many starts and stops, in excruciating detail. Now that I’m finally pulling the ripcord, I’ve been reviewing my timeline and it’s a little embarrassing to see how long the journey has been.

So why start a website now? I’ve been working for 30 years. I’m at the point in my life where I’m questioning what to do with the next 30 years. Or the next 5-10 years. And how am I just going to get through the next week? I’ve had some recent medical scares. No one ever knows how long you have to live a life you love. What would I regret? What can I still change? How can I incorporate wellness into my lifestyle? What leisure activities do I want to explore? I want to share some of my random thoughts and hope they aren’t so random. How do you create the best today without risking that elusive future security? How do you plan so you can have a great retirement or second career? What makes me laugh and what makes my head explode with frustration? I’m looking forward to the creative aspects of blogging and getting to know more people in the process.

How did I get here? Prior to 2008, I spent very little time online surfing the web. I have a child. I have a job that keeps me on the computer most of the day and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was anything related to looking at a monitor. I joined Twitter in May 2008 (hard to believe!) at a time when I was really burned out from work. So tired I often could not muster the energy to enjoy reading a book. And I love reading. It was an easily digestible activity to read short tweets that required no involuntary action on my part. I’d follow some people, see who they were following, read their posts, click through to articles on other sites, try to make a few personal connections. It was new, interesting and totally different from any other social experience. And since I’m not a very socially outgoing person, I liked being able to dip my toe in the water at my own pace.

Everything I’ve learned so far about blogging, social media and building a web presence started there. An endless resource of ideas, opinions, instructions, breaking news, diversity, social behavior and new technologies has been at my fingertips. You really can find anything on the internet! I have seen people develop their voices and new career paths have been born right before my eyes.

In a future post I will share how I made technical choices about my website and the resources that helped me the most along my arduous journey. I’m learning more every day and have to accept that I’ll just make more changes as I go along. I’m very much a look-before-you-leap, have a plan, no regrets later personality style. (This applies except in situations where I shoot off my mouth before engaging my brain.) I try to think long term and big picture. This may be overkill, a mistake-avoidance approach, but that’s my style. I’m not sure any of my path would be useful to new bloggers or others considering becoming a bloggers, but it might be amusing to some.

My journey has been long but it’s given me time to get past the fear of actually putting it out there, so I consider it a success.

Do any of these areas interest you? I hope you’ll come back and visit often. You can expect a mixture of topics as I find my way.

All my best,

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for checking it out! I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing.

  • Cheryl Richmond

    Look at you Angie, blogging and everything! :-)

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