Periwinkle is my favorite color. It makes me happy.

Hi. Welcome to my blog.

This site was created for me to share my thoughts, explorations and discoveries. I need more fun and a healthier balance. I am in the second half of my life. It’s now or never. I can’t retire yet – but I’m planning ahead. Financial security is important to me.

I have been analytical all my life – science, math, finance – those are my areas of skill. It’s been thirty years since my first college degree and I’ve worked most of them. I have a good job but like many, I’m thinking about what’s next for me as I get closer to retirement. I don’t expect to stop working soon but I’m entertaining the possibility of change. Sometimes it’s a daily grind, but time has a way of passing so quickly.

My interests are wide and vary constantly.  I need solitude to recharge my energy, especially if my day has been full of meetings and constant interaction, but I enjoy people. I love a good spreadsheet. I am smart, well educated, stubborn, sometimes organized yet scattered at times. I often feel my brain is simultaneously firing off ideas in five directions. My house is always a mess but I worry about it less and less. I can be too direct – but I’m working on that.

I am interested in writing and sharing as I investigate my creative and spriritual sides, which are largely unexplored. Opportunities for new business development intrigue me. Also of interest to me, rediscovering the things I used to love but have allowed to slip away from my life due to time, choice and circumstances.

Find your rainbow. Worry about the pot of gold later.

I am a mother, daughter, sister,  friend, employee, neighbor, global citizen. My experiences have brought me to this point and shaped my character. I am worthy.

I hope you can join me as I explore what’s next.