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World Domination Summit 2014 – My Unconventional Weekend

Saturday July 12, 2014 – Day 1

It’s been a week since World Domination Summit 2014 and I’m still reviewing my notes and memories for the sparks that touched me the most. It’s difficult to explain the weekend in Portland because, well, “World Domination” just doesn’t characterize the experience. I encourage you to visit the WDS website for a better understanding of the three core values of WDS – community, adventure and service.

Chris Guillebeau kicks off WDS 2014.

This was my second WDS. My experience at WDS2013 was so fantastic that I had to return. The chance to hear people share their personal journeys – both mental and physical – is truly inspirational. Some stories are about transitioning from a conventional to an unconventional life. Some speak of medical challenges, or financial hardship, and some just about the desire to create community and help shine a light on a serious situation. There is no story too small or action too small to make a difference.

I hope that one talk resonates with you and you are encouraged to do something creative or courageous or just a little different. It can make a difference in your own life and consequently, touch someone else’s life as well.

I didn’t participate in all the pre- and post-conference activities, but I want to share the messages and takeaways that meant the most to me. If it sparks an interest in you, there are links below to learn more about the speakers and perhaps create your own connection. I also didn’t try to capture all the attendee stories but they were inspiring as well. I know this is a long post – imagine all this goodness in one day!

A. J. Jacobs
Be Bold

A. J. Jacobs kicked off the program with his humorous stories about being the guinea pig for experiences which would become material for his four New York Times bestsellers. In his book “The Year of Living Biblically” he describes his quest to explore religion by following every single rule in the Bible – certainly a challenge in a modern, secular life. This included finding an adulterer to stone, which trust me, was a good visual.

Author A. J. Jacobs gets us laughing at WDS 2014.

A. J. talked about being bold – to not let your dream be deferred. He advocated several things – including good posture and pretending. “Pretend to be a better person. If you pretend to be long enough, you will be better.” Force yourself to take the first step, then take the final step to do something bold.

Already on his next bold quest, A. J. is pursuing a global genealogy project to encourage people to recognize their interconnectedness by discovering links to their family trees. He has talked his way into photos with several famous “cousins” from his family tree including George H. W. Bush. This project will culminate in a Global Family Reunion to benefit Alzheimer’s research, to be held in New York City in June, 2015.

After his talk, I think most in the audience felt like “cousins” in the WDS experience.

Jadah Sellner
Simple Green Smoothies

Jadah Sellner shared with us the creation of Simple Green Smoothies, a website and business she co-founded with Jen Hansard just two years ago. Before she talked about building the community that has made Simple Green Smoothies a success, she shared her personal story of struggling with earlier businesses failures. Stories of “craughing” – laughing and crying at the same time because it’s so bad it hurts. How we experience lessons in life on purpose and gain knowledge through the pain.

Jadah Sellner and the story of Simple Green Smoothies. Photo by Armosa Studios

Many of us have questions about how to meld the dreamer with the doer to create success, which she put as, “How do vision boards and spreadsheets live together?” Jadah encouraged us to “Say your dreams out loud.” Even if you are only talking to yourself at first. The quote that stood out the most for me though, was: “My brain is like a rave- I have ideas flashing nonstop in my brain.” That’s how I feel most days.

Her advice – to take imperfect action and let go.

The mission of Simple Green Smoothies is to spread the love of green smoothies. The website provides background, recipes, challenges and cleanses. As the Community Builder, Jadah reminded us that everyone starts at zero. Zero followers. Zero comments.

Build Your Community:
1. Take consistent, ninja-focused action.
2. Stay insanely curious, see what sticks and be strategic on growth.
3. Court your Community. I loved her analogy that social media is your dance club, your website is your house, and your e-mail is your bedroom.
4. Create hyper-engaged connection and keep the conversation going.
5. Choose Love over Metrics. Look at the Community as one.

But first – Let go.

Gavin Aung Than
Zen Pencils

Gavin Aung Than and Zen Pencils. Photo by Armosa Studios.

“Have the Courage to Leave the Job Behind.”

Gav had the courage to leave the corporate graphic design industry in Australia and launched Zen Pencils in 2012.

Passionate about illustration and cartooning, he creates a cartoon blog with a focus on inspirational quotes. Recently, he introduced a poster store.

It’s impossible to do his art justice here so just go to his site and join the Zen Pencils community. You’ll see entertaining art depicting historical figures and maybe even learn something. See the step by step cartooning process for Maya Angelou: Phenomenal Woman.

Shannon Galpin
Power of Voice & How to Combat Apathy

Shannon Galpin and Power of Voice. Photo by Armosa Studios.

This was the most uncomfortable subject of WDS to me – gender violence & women’s rights. It’s hard to see the freedoms denied women & the violence inflicted and not shut down. Which I guess was the point – How do you raise awareness and get people to take action when the subject is overwhelming, the pictures are brutal & apathy seems a method of self-defense? Shannon has bravely biked across Afghanistan, using photographic exhibitions to change perceptions and provoke discussion. Her message – Pledge to take action, sign a petition, volunteer, get educated, and use our voice. Because “One person’s voice when put with everyone else’s becomes a roar.”

Michael Hyatt
The Designed Life

I was familiar with the work of Michael Hyatt prior to WDS 2014 because I have read his blog for insights on leadership, publishing and social media. I knew he would bring a strong message of family, integrity and personal development to the stage.

The best speakers are good story tellers, and by sharing personal challenges, setbacks and triumphs they create a connection with the audience by being relatable. Michael shared the story of the relationship he had with his father, how it changed over time and how it influenced his desire to have control over his own life. There was business failure, a health crisis, family problems and the stress was overwhelming. We can all relate to some kind of life stress, I think, and understand how decisions are often made in reaction, without a real plan.

Michael described three different lives:
1. The Drifting Life – with no choice of destination, just caught up in life’s distractions;
2. The Driven Life – which is often an overcorrection to The Drifting Life, where the focus may be on not failing; and
3. The Designed Life – where you are conscious and choose the destination.

Michael Hyatt on The Designed Life. Photo by Armosa Studios.

He urged us to ask three powerful and important questions:
1. How do I want to be remembered? Now is the time to create that legacy.
2. What is important to me? Choose your priorities consciously, not based on the urgency of the moment.
3. What single brave decision do I need to make today?

Do what matters.

That was the takeaway for each of us -

Safi Mafundikwa
Graphical Design & Images in Zimbabwe

His philosophy: Jump and a net will appear.

Safi Mafundikwa. Graphic Designer. Teacher. Farmer. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Saki Mafundikwa loved to sketch as a child growing up in Zimbabwe. He was later able to pursue a graphic design education and career after coming to America and authored a book, Afrikan Alphabets, which is currently out of print. In order to bring graphical design education and new media training back to Africa, he founded the Zimbabwe Institute of Vigital Arts (ZIVA). There students can learn not just the use of graphical digital design tools, but typography, different mediums, communication and information design.

As part of his story, Saki shared the African use of totems as cultural markers to reflect kinship. Different animals are associated with families and may have different names in different cultures. For example, an elephant totem may be called Mutopo or Isibongo.

Safi also is an organic farmer.

Read more about the WDS speakers and connect here:

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Stay tuned for World Domination Summit – My Unconventional Weekend – Part 2



World Domination Summit 2013 Inspiration Part 4

WDS Part 4 – Sunday Afternoon

Sunday was the final day of WDS. I enjoyed my workshop experience (although I read the map wrong and wandered around a bit in the heat before finding the venue) and finally met Darren Rowse. I was so tired and had committed to dinner & Powell’s Books plans with my daughter, so I skipped the closing party. I heard it was a great time. The photos of the dancing in the park are full of pure joy.

ProBlogger Darren Rowse provides tips at WDS 2013 workshop. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Darren Rowse & Chris Garrett
Workshop – ProBlogger Academy

As a new blogger, I was thrilled to be able to attend a workshop by the authors of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. The book has been a favorite and I have also benefitted greatly from Twitter chats in which Darren has generously shared his knowledge.

There were too many topics to go through here in detail. Creating compelling content was one subject. Darren described creating reader profiles to help in determining how to best write for your site audience. He advised to pose these questions: Who do you want to reach? What are their needs and challenges? What kinds of tools does the reader use? After creating the profiles, go on to develop ideas for content.

Chris suggested putting content out there and testing to see what people share. If it is useful, creates emotion and urgency, people will share it. His advice: Develop trust with your audience. Be likeable. You must have an idea and tell a story that gets in the reader’s head and heart. Slow steady growth is common.

The steps to productive blogging were identified: Create, Curate, Delegate and Automate. Each one increases your ability to build more content and reach a greater audience. Use your blog as the center for your social media outreach. As you build community, you learn insights, sell more, develop deeper relationships and create advocates for your work.

There were also tips on monetization. One key tip: treat your blog as a business from day 1. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to get started, take an action. Write, contact advertisers, write e-mail, build a relationship. Darren suggested a blog series as a great way to maintain interest with your audience. (I blogged my WDS Inspiration in a series, hoping to make people who did not attend feel connected to the experience.)

Darren & Chris stayed until all questions from the audience were answered, which was very much appreciated. I think we could have gone on for hours but we had to make it back to the concert hall for the closing presentations.

My takeaway: “Define what success looks like for you. Create something worth being found. Your house, your rules.”

Musical Performance by Steve Schalchlin. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Steve Schalchlin
Connected – Musical Performance including Portland Gay Men’s Chorus

Steve sang, played the piano and shared his story of survival against HIV. During his illness, he hit the lottery by getting one of the few slots as a clinical trial patient for an experimental treatment. Instead of dying, he wrote a musical. You can read Steve’s blog posts from those earlier years on Living in the Bonus Round as well as his posts about the WDS experience. His site includes many more pictures of himself & the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus performance on stage.

My takeaway: Steve described the gift of having more time. “Anything is possible in the bonus round.” We should all be mindful of our time here.”

Donald Miller discusses the Search for Meaning & Imperfect Masterpieces. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Donald Miller
Who Are You?

Donald Miller, best-selling author and speaker on Christian spirituality, shared many personal stories and challenged the audience to ask many questions of themselves. Again, this is only a small portion of the message delivered on stage.

Who are you? What do you want? What happened when you went for it?

Do we distract ourselves with pleasure when we don’t have a sense of meaning in our lives?

What if we are not the identities we pretend to be?

Donald talked about having shame and how that influences our personality. His example was from childhood. His feeling that he was “not enough” led him to create a personality of humor and intelligence to cover up his feelings. He talked about integrity being the creation of integrated parts of yourself that come together to provide protection.

Who are you for real?

“We are not our failures. We are not our successes. Have you ever seen a masterpiece? None of them are perfect.”

He encouraged us to try to impress less and connect more.

My takeaway: “We are not our failures.” “I sit in my underwear and write books.” Read more well-written books like “An American Childhood” by Annie Dillard.

You can find more about these inspiring speakers here:
ProBlogger blog
Chris Garrett
Steve Schalchlin – Bonus Round Blog
Donald Miller at Storyline blog

A Final Note of Thanks
We all were given engraved glasses to share a toast of apple juice at the close of Sunday’s program. A special thanks to Chris Guillebeau and his team of Ambassadors for creating the wonderful World Domination Summit 2013 and sharing the photos taken by Armosa Studios. I’ll be back in 2014.

WDS 2013 Closing Toast with Chris Guillebeau. Photo by Armosa Studios.

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World Domination Summit 2013 Inspiration Part 3

Gretchen-Rubin speaks about The Secret of Happiness & Self-Knowledge. Photo by Armosa Studios.

WDS Part 3 – Sunday Morning

Many wonderful posts have already been written about World Domination Summit presentations made on Sunday. I’m slow at capturing my impressions in writing, so I’m just going to hit the highlights that I enjoyed the most.

Gretchen Rubin
The Secret of Happiness and Expectations

Gretchen is the author of a book and blog called The Happiness Project and has a new book titled Happier At Home. She told us that there is not one secret to happiness for everyone but self-knowledge is the key. Gretchen explained that by acknowledging the truth about what you are, as well as accepting what you will never be, you can free yourself to discover what makes you happy. There may be some sadness in letting go and discovering your limitations.

Her wisdom about change: You may be experiencing negative emotions that are a warning that something needs to change. If you are feeling envious of someone that has something you want, use it as a clue that some action needs to be taken to move you forward. She recommends that you pay special attention to anything you try to hide or lie about because it indicates a disconnect between what your values are and what you are doing.

One exercise she described was to think back to the activities you enjoyed doing when you were ten years old. Often those are similar to what activities would make you happier today. She also recommended using a blank book to write your favorite quotes on the left and paste corresponding pictures you like on the right. See what develops. I liked the idea of visually trying to capture things that make me happy.

Lastly, Gretchen described four personality types: Upholders, Questioners, Rebels and Obligers. By being self-aware of our own tendencies and understanding how types differ, we can recognize the expectations we set for ourselves and our bring that knowledge to our interactions.

My takeaway: “When you let go of the fantasy of what you aren’t doing, you have more time for the things you love.”

Andrew Warner and his True Mind. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Andrew Warner
True Mind

Andrew spoke about an issue that many struggle with – having an inner voice or critic he calls a “counter mind.” This inner voice questions you and may guide you into making different choices based on fear.

He suggested that you pick on issue that triggers your negative chatter and pay attention to it through meditation until it loses it’s power. He calls this finding your “true mind.” True mind thoughts are true, wanted, and helpful. Once you recognize your true mind, meditate on it to strengthen it. He demonstrated a guided meditation on stage with his wife.

My takeaway: Diffuse your inner critic, your counter mind, by asking “is it true?” and “is it helpful?” Then meditate on your “true mind” to strengthen it.

Tess Vigeland interacts with WDS Audience. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Tess Vigeland
Leap of Faith

Tess spoke about her choice to walk away from her hosting job on Marketplace Money, a job she had held since 2001 on American Public Media. Many, including her, would describe that position as the ultimate career achievement. Although people surrounding her seemed so sure it would all work out, she described her journey to redefine what is remarkable for her next stage in life as “terrifying, awful and heartbreaking.”

The talk was brave and very inspiring. You can read her words from WDS here.

My takeaway: “What the Hell are you doing?” You have to grieve what you leave. Even if you make a positive change you may miss the things you left behind.

You can find more about these inspiring speakers here:
Gretchen Rubin
Andrew Warner – Mixergy
Tess Vigeland

On a Personal Note –
Some people have posted that after two or three years of experiencing WDS conference stories they know their passion. They feel ready to take action to change their lives and maybe won’t feel a desire to come to the next WDS in July 2014. For me, I know that talks like the one given by Tess reflect many of the same questions and fears I have. I am still trying to figure out what my remarkable life will include and am looking forward to the next WDS conference. There is an environment of acceptance there for those still finding their way.

Did you miss Inspiration Part 1 or Part 2?

Stay tuned for Part 4.


World Domination Summit 2013 Inspiration Part 2

Andrew Warner interviews Chris Guillebeau at WDS 2013. Photo by Armosa Studios.

WDS Part 2 – Saturday Afternoon

The first morning of WDS 2013 went by so quickly. The energy on stage and in the audience was infectious! People were smiling, laughing, making introductions to strangers and sharing their stories. We broke for lunch, and had the opportunity to select an afternoon workshop. I learned to move quickly (and maybe skip lunch) in order to guarantee a seat at my preferred event.

Workshop – A Conversation with Chris Guillebeau
presented by Andrew Warner

I attended the Q&A session with Chris Guillebeau, moderated by Andrew Warner. I was unfamiliar with Andrew, the founder of Mixergy, and his interviewing expertise. Throughout the session I was very impressed by Andrew’s skill at drawing out answers, by not letting an incomplete answer stand. He continually drilled down to get to the deeper heart of the matter. This was particularly apparent when Andrew questioned Chris for more details about the creative process and attention to detail apparent at the World Domination Summit.

Chris explained that the name of the conference came from his earlier manifesto, A Brief Guide to World Domination.” He shared some of his background, including the fact that he spent four years in Africa. He started out blogging about non-conformity which led to his first book, The Art of Non-Conformity.” The vision and strategy of WDS has evolved: It includes finding people who align with the vision of living a remarkable life and bringing them together to collaborate and discuss lessons learned. Hearing more about Chris’s background and the beginnings of the WDS was interesting, especially since this was my first time attending the conference.

Chris shared some of his philosophy on blogging. He doesn’t believe you have to have a niche. You learn as you go. He writes about what is interesting to him. For those unsure of what to do next: Explore. Be open to new ideas. Study what other people have done. He expressed a sense of urgency about taking opportunities now.

Chris also gave lots of credit to the people who help create the WDS experience. He expects the conference to continue to be held in Portland, Oregon, which was good news to me.

My takeaway: Write about what is interesting to you. “You just put things out there (blog posts) and hopefully they improve.”

Jia Jiang illustrates how he was inspired to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Jia Jiang – Rejection

To be completely honest, I did not take any notes during this presentation. I was in complete awe of the bravery of Jia Jiang and the emotion he shared openly with the audience. He spoke about his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and his inspiration after hearing Bill Gates speak. The photo above shows the letter he wrote as a young man about wanting to have a career in computing.

Jia’s story unfolded – he came to live in America, had a so-so job and found over time that fear had kept him from pursuing his dream. Fear. Of. Rejection. He described his determination to overcome that fear by embarking on a program of Rejection Therapy. He would think of a unique request that a reasonable person would refuse, and go out and make the request to a stranger. His idea was that by getting repeatedly rejected, he would lose his fear of it. He did this over and over and captured each different experience on video. Surprisingly, many of his most outrageous requests were granted.

I recommend you watch the videos and read more on his Entresting blog. Jia’s message is that abandoning a dream can mean you live a life filled with regret. Don’t let fear of rejection keep you from your pursuit.

P.S. I think Jia was paying attention to Nancy Duarte’s communication strategy. I definitely felt a “what is – what could be” flow in his story structure.

My takeaway: Don’t let Fear of Rejection run your life. You may look shiny on the outside but feel empty on the inside if you don’t follow your dream.

Chase Jarvis shows that Creativity comes in many forms. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Chase Jarvis – Creativity

Chase Jarvis gave a list of problems we face today – climate crisis, unemployment crisis, humanitarian crisis, education crisis. He then went on to explain how the solutions are to be found in human creative potential. He believes we need to create a culture that values creativity overtly. Creativity can be defined as taking nothing and making something. It can take many forms.

He went on to describe the current education system which was created to prepare students for a farm or factory life. This model does not encourage creativity after middle school grades. In the past getting a diploma was the path to a job and a better life. But today a diploma does not guarantee a job and students are drowning in the debt they take on to get the degree. Chase believes that creative activities need to be reintroduced into learning and that those creative activities will create more creativity. And the solutions to many challenges will come from that creative freedom. “Creativity is the new literacy.”

I know I missed many of Chase’s great points here. You can watch his “no holds barred” interview with Chris Guillebeau on his blog for more discussion about taking action to create a remarkable life.

My takeaway: “Find creativity in all areas of life, not just art. Creativity is the new literacy.”

If you are interested in attending WDS 2014, be sure to register on the WDS 2014 waiting list for notification of ticket sales later this year.

You can find more about these inspiring speakers here:
Chris Guillebeau
Andrew Warner – Mixergy
Jia Jiang – Entresting
Chase Jarvis

Did you miss Part 1?

Stay tuned for Part 3.


World Domination Summit 2013 Inspiration Part 1

Nancy Duarte on stage at WDS 2013. Photo by Armosa Studios.

The Adventure Begins

I first learned about WDS 2012 on Twitter. So many tweets. Such amazing stories. A great speaker list. The $100 challenge. I wanted some inspiration in MY conventional, unremarkable life. I joined the waiting list for 2013 and the rest is history.

I was so excited the day that ticket sales went live for WDS 2013. I had the event reminder on my phone and was poised over my computer at work. Should I commit? It was more than I had ever paid for an event. I would have to meet new people. I decided Yes! Then despair. I had to sign in with Paypal to complete the purchase. What was my password? Scramble. Please don’t sell out. Please don’t sell out. Finally, relief. Committed.

Friday afternoon I arrived in Portland, in time for the “Can’t Wait” WDS exclusive opening party at the Portland Zoo. There was food, fun, a mechanical bull, a real baby elephant and a stilt-walking band. The first person I met described the fun he had earlier in the day helping to break the Longest Floating Chain World Record, by braving the cold Willamette River in an inner tube.

The many choices for meet-ups and workshops at each WDS create an amazing experience unique to each attendee. Passionate and moving testimonials were spoken. Dreams were shared. I’m going to tell you what I brought away from the weekend, starting with events on the main stage at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. One note – the venue was beautiful and the sound, lighting and visual displays were perfect. Attention to every detail was evident throughout the whole weekend, no doubt through the genius of WDS creator Chris Guillebeau. Friendly Volunteer Ambassadors were always present to direct, support and encourage fun.

Part 1 – Saturday Morning

Throughout the weekend I wrote furiously in my Moleskine notebook, trying to capture the words that resonated with me. Sometimes I was so mesmerized by the stories that I didn’t write a word. I apologize for any unintentional misquotes.

Nancy Duarte – The Art of Storytelling

Resonated is a good choice of words, as the first featured speaker was Nancy Duarte, author of “Resonate.” I had wanted to buy her book since I heard her interview with Darren Hardy on the May 2013 Success Magazine cd. At WDS she spoke about using storytelling to cause a physical reaction in the audience. One key message -the speaker should take the audience on a journey by communicating ideas, giving a point of view and telling what’s at stake.

By sharing examples of great speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Jesus and María Eva Duarte de Perón (Evita), she showed the importance of transforming the audience into the hero through persuasive storytelling. The story structure was diagrammed to show the back and forth flow from “what is” to “what could be” until the “new bliss” at the end. Her analysis of the words spoken by these charismatic leaders from history who sparked movements through the use of familiar songs, scripture and literature was fascinating.

My takeaway: Who is the audience before you tell your story & How do you want them to be afterwards?

Darren Rowse dreamed of being Superman. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Darren Rowse – Dreams
with Musical accompaniment by Clare Bowditch

Darren started by sharing that as a boy in 1975 he dreamed of being Superman because that was not how he felt about himself. Over the years, he discovered talents as an entrepreneur, speaker, photographer and general nerd, but he felt that he stalled somewhere as little failures created fear. He was determined to change that trajectory.

He didn’t find his spark again until he heard about a thing called a blog, and started one blog, then added a second blog to share photos. This grew into ProBlogger and Digital Photography School sites which are thriving today.

Darren’s message was to allow yourself to dream. Notice small things. Pay attention to what gives you energy today. It could grow into your passion. Once you have inspiration you must take the first step towards making it real through implementation. Share your dream and allow an army of people to help you through accountability.

My takeaway: Remember what you loved as a child & don’t keep your dreams inside your head. Don’t be a Perfectionist. Take the first action to create your dream. Share it.

Bob Moore talks about putting people first. Photo by Armosa Studios.

Bob Moore – Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Story

Bob shared the story of creating Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. It wasn’t always easy and there were setbacks along the way. His key tip to being successful at life: Make major direction lists for how to be successful at your personal and business life. Keep checking them.

Bob described himself as an entrepreneur. He is proud of the 22 mills that create stone ground grain products. They have a gluten free testing lab and a gluten free packaging room. The company is on track to sell $200 million of whole grain foods this year.

He believes in giving employees a living wage, benefits and profit sharing. For Bob’s 81st birthday, he surprised his employees by giving them total ownership of Bob’s Red Mill through an Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP). He truly lives the statement “Putting People before Profits.”

My takeaway: Look for inspiration in unusual places. “Progress, sometimes, is just being there.”

If you have been inspired by the information being shared on the internet about WDS 2013, be sure to register on the WDS 2014 waiting list for notification of ticket sales later this year.

You can find more about these inspiring speakers here:
Nancy Duarte
Darren Rowse – ProBlogger
Bob’s Red Mill

Stay tuned for Part 2.


What are Periwinkle Years?

To me, they represent the second half of my life. These years while I reassess what to do with my time and what I still want to accomplish. How to create security as I head into retirement. How to discover a new passion. I'm on that journey. Maybe you are ready to create a new adventure too. What do you dream of doing?